Frequently Asked Questions

We're here for you.


  • What is our mission?

  • Whether it's your freshman or senior year, the Wissahickon High School Student Council is here to help provide a positive and meaningful school experience.

  • How do I get involved?

  • It's easy to get involved in our events and join our team! Come to one of our many events. Want to join out team? At the beginning of the school year, make sure you run as a homeroom representative!


  • What events do we run?

  • We are constantly adding new events and improving the ones we already run. Our full list of events can be found here.

  • When are our events?

  • Be sure to catch WTVi morning announcements, look for out posters around around campus, or view out instagram @wissstuco to stay updated with our latest events.

  • What is Blue & Gold?

  • Blue & Gold is a yearlong school spirit event. You can learn more here.
  • Why is there a barcode on the back of my student ID?

  • The barcode on the back of your student ID is part of the Blue & Gold initiative. Every time your barcode is scanned, you earn points for your team!


  • How do I become a homeroom representative?

  • Thanks for your interest in joining! At the beginning of each school year one student from each homeroom is selected to be a homeroom representative. Just ask your homeroom teacher to put you on your homeroom's ballot.

  • What are my responsibilities as a homeroom representative?

  • Your role is to relay information between your assigned student council senator and your homeroom. Your are also expected to help run our events and attend monthly meetings.

Executive Board

  • What is the difference between a senator and a homeroom representative?

  • A senator is the next step up from a homeroom representative and is elected though a school-wide vote at the end of every year. To run for one of the four (4) senator positions in your grade, a nomination form will be posted online which you are required to complete. If you are elected, you will be required to join the student council homeroom.

  • What do senators do?

  • The job of a Student Council senator is to update your assigned homeroom representatives on the latest events, spirit weeks, and other student council activities. Senators will also help plan and events.

  • Can I run for a student council senator position and also officer positions in other clubs?

  • It depends. If you are a elected as a senator, you must join our homeroom. Clubs such as FBLA, TV Lab, Trojan Times, Class Committee, Key Club, and NHS also have this requirement. If you are applying for a position in one of those clubs, you are not able to run for a senator position.

  • How do run for president, VP, treasurer, or secretary?

  • To become the president, VP, treasurer, or secretary, you must have been a student council senator for at least one school year.

Earning Credit

  • How many credits do I need?

  • A total of 10 credits must be earned during the school year to receive club credit. You can check your credit here.

  • How do I earn credit?

  • Earning credit is easy! All you have to do is attend, meetings, donate, or sign up to help with our events.

  • When are the student council meetings?

  • Meetings usually take place once a month and are held before (7:05 am) and after school (2:40 pm). Exact meeting dates and locations will be posted online.

Contact Us

  • How can I stay in the know?

  • Follow us on Instagram @wissstuco to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

  • Where can I find more information about Wissahickon High School?

  • For information about the high school and everything else Wissahickon-related, visit